As a sub-supplier, Else Group will manufacture parts, which will be supplied to the English car brand Jaguar. Manufacturing for the automotive industry is subject to very specific quality standards, all of which are met by Else Group.


Driver of knowledge and innovation

The automotive industry is a key driver of knowledge and innovation. New possibilities in security, performance and design are constantly being developed. As a supplier of parts in this industry, it is important to monitor these developments and to continue to deliver the highest level of quality. This has implications for the training of staff, use of technology and optimisation of processes.


Quality management is in our company’s DNA.

At Else Group, we take quality very seriously. Quality management is an integral part of our everyday operations. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our organisation and make the various parts of the group (De Wit Plastic, Else Plastic and ProProduct) more efficient and effective. As a group, we are constantly monitoring and optimising our business processes so that we can continue to meet the needs of our customers. Together, Else Group offers a total service package: from concept, design, and engineering, to mould construction, manufacturing, assembly and inventory management.